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Folee Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier Bottle


Direction of use

  • Fill the humidifier bottle with distilled water to the maximum fill line. Do not overfill
  • Attach the tube from Oxygen Outlet Port to the bottle Inlet
  • After the humidifier bottle is attached properly, connect your extension tubing (Oxygen Nasal Cannula) to the humidifier outlet, and turn the flow rate to your prescribed level.
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Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier Bottle

Oxygen is a dry gas and a humidifier bottle may be used to help alleviate a sore, dry and/or bloody nose. The oxygen picks up humidity by flowing through a water bottle connected to the concentrator or liquid system.


Clean the humidifier

  • Change the water in the humidifier daily.
  • Clean the humidifier once a week, wash it with water repeatedly to ensure the oxygen hygiene. Clean the silicone plug at the time of cleaning the humidifier.

Note: There might be scale or smell in the humidifier for not cleaning or changing water for a long time, soak it with vinegar for over half an hour, shake it and wash it with clean water


Brand : FOLEE
Price : RM 38.00
Product From : CHINA


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