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FOLEE Oxygen Concentrator Model Y007c-5w – Filter


Clean or replace the air filter

The air filter is very important for protecting compressor and molecular sieve and

prolonging the service life of the oxygen concentrator. Please replace it in time.

Caution: Operation of the oxygen concentrator is not allowed before the air filter is installed or it turns black or wet, otherwise, the oxygen concentrator will be permanently damaged.

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(1)The air filter is located at the back of the oxygen concentrator. Pull the filter out and

remove the filter sealing ring. (As shown in Fig. 10).

(2)The air filter shall be replaced at a time interval which shall be determined according to the actual service time and environmental impact.

(3)The air filter shall be replaced immediately regardless of its service time as long as the surface turns black.

Installation of the new air filter.

Take out the new air filter and place the sealing ring into the air filter, then press it on the corresponding location of the oxygen concentrator with appropriate force.


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