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LowenStein Nasal mask JOYCE one, vented


JOYCEone: One mask in one size that fits nearly every face!

Hand-in-hand: comfort and effective therapy. The forehead support‘s spring action automatically ensures that the proper distance is maintained for patient comfort and effective therapy. The single layer mask cushion is just as cleverly designed. It finds the ideal position on its own, regardless of the size and shape of the patient‘s nose and face.

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Design is in the details
Your patients will love JOYCEone! This mask features more than a perfect fit and wearing comfort. The unmistakable color-coding of headgear and clips and the convenient recessed grip help your patient to assemble JOYCEone quickly and correctly right from the start.

Modern Efficiency
Short and sweet: the intelligent JOYCEone helps you to save time without compromising on patient care. JOYCEone – made for you!

Our current best-selling mask in international markets comes in just one size that provides a reliable, absolutely airtight fit for most patients. The good fit is made possible by the specially designed mask cushion and the new, highly flexible forehead support. The proven ball-and-socket joint makes sure the tube stays in place. Like our other masks, the JOYCEone very quietly releases the patient‘s exhaled air.

The advantages of JOYCEone
• Saves time: automatic adjustment of forehead support 2 and mask cushion 1
• Unmistakable assembly: color-coding on headgear and clips 4
• Economical: one size fits nearly all patients
• Convenient: effortless cleaning
• Pleasant: quiet and diffuse exhalation system 3
• Stable: very durable materials.


Price : RM 750.00
Product From : GERMANY
Delivery : 1 week upon confirmation of purchase order
Warranty : No Warranty


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